The cancer connection to Roundup

14 January 2019

In 2018, a school groundsman in the US was awarded $78 million damages for terminal cancer linked to daily use of the weedkiller Roundup. Barometer’s Sue Reece speaks with Bob Phelps of Gene Ethics about the implications of this judgement, and what it should mean for Australia.

The cancer connection to Roundup

14 January 2019

In 2018, a school groundsman in the US was awarded $78 million damages for terminal cancer linked to daily use of the weedkiller Roundup. Barometer’s Sue Reece speaks with Bob Phelps of Gene Ethics about the implications of this judgement, and what it should mean for Australia. Podcast here

Radio Australia investigation: The ethics of inventing new life with synthetic biology

29 March 2012

Those in favour of the technology say it offers solutions to everything from fuel shortages to a cure for malaria, and those against say it's playing god and is a very dangerous path to be going down.

Robert Speight, Business Manager at Queensland University's Systems and Synthetic Biology Group, Dr Matthew Rimmer from the ANU College of Law and  Bob Phelps Executive Director of Gene Ethics join Phil Kafcaloudes for an exploration of the issues.

Listen to the podcast at this link

David vs Monsanto

25 December 2010

Great trailer with lots of info about the documentary film on Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser. Percy says he never wanted to farm GM canola but was sued by Monsanto for not paying for the patent after GM canola was found growing on his land.

Rather than paying for the GM patent Percy and giving in, Percy famously took on Monsanto in the courts, a battle many farmers would not be able to afford.

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>> watch video

Dr Maartin Stapper featured on Bush Telegraph

03 November 2010

In this excellent in-depth interview, former CSIRO scientist and soil health expert Maarten Stapper answers typical GM questions put to him by ABC Radio National presenter Michael Cathcart.

Listen to the interview here.

Dr Stapper, an expert on GM, says results from animal feeding studies have shown babies born with smaller intestines, small brains and with liver problems.

He says "you can't feed the world with GM because GM doesn't increase yields". Thirty years ago the same promises were being made, but in that time only 2 varieties of GM seeds have been developed: those that are heribide resistant and those that produce their own insecticides.

Listen to the interview here.

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Just Say No to GMO music video

19 October 2010

Fantastic music video that will have you rapping "Say no to GMO".

Just Say No to GMO by Michael Adams - The Health Ranger

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GM salmon - our interview on World Today

17 September 2010

GM salmon is set to be approved in the US, but this could not only lead to health issues but also endanger fish species. Listen to Bob Phelps interviewed on The World Today or read the transcript.

Transgenic Canola Plants Break Free of Farm

07 August 2010

Listen to this Scientific American 60-second Science piece on recent GM contamination in the US. Download the podcast

Transgenic canola crops in North Dakota left the farm and reproduced off-site, creating plants with multiple transgenes. For the first time in the USA, researchers report a large population of GM crops beyond the farm. GM canola plants became resistant to the herbicide Roundup and 347 were found on roadsides with at least one resistance gene. These genes were passed on to new generations of plants in the wild, some with multiple GM genes. The researchers gave their findings at an Ecological Society of America conference.

Listen to the podcast.

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GM-free videos - great new online resource

26 May 2010

GMWatch has pulled together a fantastic resource of GM-free videos.

It lists editor's picks, including the full-length doco movie, The World According to Monsanto and a wonderful film about the troubles of Bt cotton and the effects on the poor.

Search via category such as corporations, food safety etc or according to food/crop or speaker.

Food, Inc review - SBS's At The Movies

20 May 2010
Margaret says: ..."It looks at the stories of a woman whose two year old son died of E-Coli poisoning after eating a hamburger; a Latino couple who simply can't afford to buy healthy food because it's dearer than junk food; and a small farmer sued by a giant company for wanting to use his own seed for planting; the company owns the rights to genetically modified soybeans".

Food Fears - labelling, GM and FSANZ

20 April 2010
This investigative piece on ABC Radio National's Background Briefing on called Food Fears has GM as a focus: There's a public inquiry into food labelling, and it opens a Pandora's box of very complex issues. Prawns from China can be labelled 'Made in Australia'! Consumers want more and better labelling, but the food industry wants even fewer rules. And global free trade laws mean truth in content could get worse. Reporter Stephen Crittenden.

Unsafe GM corn approved in Australia

16 December 2009
A new international study of three Monsanto genetically manipulated maize (corn) varieties shows clear evidence of health risks. >> download file

GM Crops

04 September 2008
GM Crops in Australia >> watch video

We Feed The World

12 May 2008
Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer traces the origins of the food we eat. His journey takes him to France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and back to Austria. >> watch video

Digesting the facts on genetic modification (GM)

12 May 2008
CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, answers questions about GM food and GM plants. >> watch video

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

11 May 2008
This is a lecture by Jeffrey Smith, in which he summarizes the contents of this book. It's not only informative, but amusing, because he casts a joke here and there. >> watch video

The Mouth Revolution

11 May 2008
We are fed up with the garbage we eat! The mouths are angry. The mouths are demanding real food-orgainc food- NOW! The Mouth revolution Begins! Viva la mouthalucion! >> watch video

Genetically Modified Organisms - unnatural selection

11 May 2008
This stunning European documentary made available for the first time in the US, reveals several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide. >> watch video

Store Wars

11 May 2008
another legend of star wars... this video was produced by Free Range Studios for The Organic Trade Association, 2005 credits to Free Range Studios >> watch video

Monsanto Patent for a Pig

11 May 2008
Monsanto Company, the world leader in Genetically Modified foods. This "mega" company also now owns most of the world's seed. They (Monsanto) are now seeking a patent on the actual pig. It's an astounding and dangerous claim. The world has allowed this company to basically own life! >> watch video

The Genetic Conspiracy - About Monsanto

11 May 2008
How safe is the so-called "Green Genetic Engineering" really? Monsanto, the world's largest genetic engineering corporation, insists it is safe. Numerous studies claim genetically modified plants can cause allergies and cancers. However, commercial and political interests are determined to make genetic engineering the norm. >> watch video

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