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Reckless deregulation to fast-track new GM products to market

01 December 2017
Many new Genetic Manipulation (GM) techniques and their products will be deregulated immediately if the Gene Technology Regulator's proposals are followed. GM plants, animals, and microbes could secretly come onto our plates and into our environments, un-assessed, unsafe and unlabelled. >> download file

SA GM-free secure till 2025

20 November 2017
Extending South Australia's moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops till 2025 puts any final decision on GM back to Parliament where it belongs. >> download file

South Australia GM-free is a winner !

26 October 2017
We call on all South Australian political parties to back the Greens Bill to extend the moratorium on commercial genetically manipulated (GM canola) until 2025. >> download file

Tougher GM laws needed now

20 July 2017
Widespread non-compliance with the Office of Gene Technology Regulator's safety rules and licenses has been confirmed. They are a siren alert for tough, proactive action. The OGTR is now assessing options to deregulate new GM techniques (CRISPR; Talen; ZFN; RNAi).The Gene Technology Act 2000 clearly mandates that allnew GM techniques must be assessed, regulated and licensed underthe OGTR's national regime. The Precautionary Principle enshrined in the Act should also apply. >> download file

Media Release: GM crops stalled in 2016

12 May 2017
Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops grew on less than 13% of global cropland in 2016. Two countries that grew GM in 2015 planted none in 2016, reducing GM countries to 26. And around 90% of all GM crops are grown in eight North and South American countries, fo it is far from a global industry. >> download file

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