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Baillieu GM canola farm for sale in Melb suburb

29 October 2012
Premier Ted Baillieu's uncle, Marshall Baillieu, has his "Minta" farm near Berwick on the market for housing subdivision. Baillieu grew genetically manipulated (GM) canola there in 2009. >> read more

National Food Plan a disaster for safe, secure, local food

27 September 2012
Gene Ethics will comment on the NFP Green Paper, due Sunday, that Government should not have already committed in advance ot GM crops and foods. >> read more

KFC commits to GM-free Australian canola oil

06 June 2012
KFC has switched from palm oil to non-GM, high-oleic-acid canola frying oil in its Australian shops. Whether their chickens are fed GM feed we do not yet know. Stay posted. >> download file

Monsanto Fire Sale on GM Roundup Ready canola seed

22 April 2012
Farmers and shoppers reject Monsanto's herbicide tolerant genetically manipulated (GM) canola so emphatically that the company now gives away GM canola seed in a desperate bid for farmers to grow it. In NSW the company promises to limit direct farmer losses to only $10/tonne and in WA it offers a one for three freebie to sweeten its deal.  >> read more

South Australia to stay GM-free until 2019

17 April 2012
This week an overflow crowd gathered at our GM-free forum in South Australia. Liberal and Greens panellists reconfirmed their commitment to maintaining the GM ban and Labor has also recommitted to GM-free policies. >> download file

Forum backs GM-free SA

15 April 2012
Gene Ethics is facilitating a forum tonight on maintaining the GM ban in South Australia, with Nick Xenophon and other experts. >> download file

Global Citizens Declaration calls for precaution on synthetic biology

14 March 2012
Synthetic biology is "extreme genetic engineering". A broad coalition of 111 organisations world-wide has released The Principles for the Oversight of Synthetic Biology - to govern synthetic organisms and their products, to protect public health and the environment, and to meet economic, social and ethical goals. The coalition calls for a moratorium. SynBio not only cuts and pastes genes but also writes genetic code to create new genes, genetic traits and new life forms from scratch. >> read more

Global GM crops still stalled

17 February 2012
  Even based on industry front group ISAAA's fudged figures for its 2011 global report, GM crops have been shown to grown just 3.276%. Meanwhile, significant setbacks include BASF and Monsanto dropping their research and market programs in Europe, while China rejected GM rice and India banned GM eggplant (brinjal). >> read more

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