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Chinese want GM-free and chemical-free foods

19 December 2008
"CHINESE SHOPPERS are clamouring for chemical-free and GM-free foods in the wake of the melamine poisoning calamity that harmed over 50,000 Chinese children," says Bass Coast Shire Councillor Gareth Barlow >> download file

GM canola delivers contamination

11 December 2008
Monsanto claims that cleaning trucks will enable Industry Standards for GM and non-GM canola segregation to be met. But the Industry Standards assume GM contamination is inevitable so segregation is a sham. >> download file

GM-free rally at Rudd Community Cabinet in Geelong

08 December 2008
GM-free food and crop supporters rally at Kevin Rudd's community cabinet at Corio on Sunday. They call on the ALP government to implement its pre-election promises on Genetic Manipulation. >> download file

Community Cleanup of GM canola contamination at Horsham

26 November 2008
Angry growers will do a Community Cleanup of GM canola contamination at 11am Thursday November 27, to quarantine plants and seed on roadsides near Horsham. >> download file

GM Canola Contamination at Horsham

25 November 2008
GM Cropwatch's Jessica Harrison today found Genetically Manipulated (GM) canola plants heaped up on the roadside near the Natimuk/Rudolph's Rd junction, 5 minutes from Horsham. Galahs were also seen feasting on GM canola last week. >> download file

Strong backing for GM-free in Victorian council elections

21 November 2008
162 candidates for election to 47 Victorian councils back GM-free policies. Gene Ethics' 4,000 constituents will support them and GM-free policies. >> download file

GM Canola has Wings

18 November 2008
GM Cropwatch technician Jessica Harrison photographed pink and grey galahs feasting on a GM canola crop near the Horsham-Natimuk Road on Friday >> download file

GM crops and animals - no answer to Global Warming

14 November 2008
Gene Ethics supports the call for real action on climate change by the national Walk Against Warming on Saturday November 15. But GM crops and animals are a useless response to the climate threat. >> download file

GM Cropwatch visits Lubeck

13 November 2008
GM CROPWATCH is monitoring roadsides and railway lines in the Horsham area this week. Cropwatch technician Jessica Harrison is testing canola and related weeds for GM contamination. >> download file

GM grass a 'boffins idea'

28 October 2008
“Victoria's 'more digestible' Genetically Manipulated (GM) pasture grass experiment announced today is a waste of public money,” says Gene Ethics Director, Bob Phelps. >> download file

ACT Election Swings on GM Foods and Crops

16 October 2008
Only the Greens go into the ACT election with a clear policy on Genetically Manipulated foods and crops. Their Biodiversity and Environmental Protection policy supports GM-Free. >> download file

NSW GM site Map Published Today

07 October 2008
Gene Ethics' map of Genetically Manipulated Roundup tolerant canola sites and GM canola depots in NSW was published today with information gleaned from media reports. >> download file

GM-free WA guaranteed if Labor is returned

03 September 2008
The Carpenter government today made bold commitments to GM-free (no Genetically Manipulated crops). Their comprehensive GM-free policies are a bonanza for WA food and farming industries. >> download file

Tasmanian GM-Free Breakthrough

01 September 2008
Gene Ethics applauds Tasmania’s all-party joint select committee report published today. >> download file

West Australian GM-free breakthrough today

19 August 2008
Gene Ethics applauds Premier Alan Carpenter's announcement of a four-year extension to the WA ban on all Genetically Manipulated (GM) food and fiber crops. >> download file

GM Canola Site Map a Public Service

15 August 2008
Gene Ethics today published a map of commercial Genetically Manipulated (GM) canola sites at Premier Brumby refuses to set up an official GM site register. >> download file

Gene Ethics backs WA Government call on GM foods

02 June 2008
Gene Ethics fully supports WA Premier Alan Carpenter’s call today for labels on all Genetic Manipulated (GM) foods and for all GM food approvals to stop while these unsafe foods are fully safety tested. >> download file

ABARE pushes GM crops with phony stats

16 May 2008
The latest ABARE modelling exercise "Economic Impacts of GM crops in Australia" uses false assumptions and fantasies to back Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops. >> download file

Confirmed: GM Canola is a Weed

03 April 2008
New Swedish research just published confirms that GM canola contamination will be permanent and irreversible >> download file

Brumby to extend the GM canola ban

28 February 2008
At Noon today, hundreds of protesters from various citizen groups will rally on the steps of Parliament House. They will call on Premier Brumby to extend the ban on commercial Genetically Manipulated (GM) herbicide tolerant canola for five more years at least. >> download file

Brumby's GM canola: doomed to fail

05 February 2008
Brumby's government ignores the reasonable arguments of community groups, subverts democratic processes and arrogantly crashes-through with grandiose schemes that are doomed to fail the public. >> download file

All supermarkets to match Foodland's GM-free stand

30 January 2008
Independent South Australian supermarket chain Foodland has joined Coles to ensure that their home brand products are free of Genetically Manipulated (GM) soy, corn, canola or cottonseed. >> download file

Brumby Guts GM Crop Ban

16 January 2008
The Brumby government guts its GM crop ban by letting Bayer Cropscience grow Genetically Manipulated (GM) herbicide tolerant canola now >> download file

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