GM-Free Australia Alliance Inc

The GM–Free Australia Alliance Inc is an independent not-for-profit alliance of groups and individuals sharing common concerns and motivation to avert the threat of Genetic Manipulation (GM) in food and crops in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Friends of the Earth Emerging Tech Project

A suite of powerful new emerging technologies are being developed right now. They include "new" GM, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and geoengineering and their introduction raises serious ethical questions that demand public scrutiny.

GM-Free Farmers

"The voice of the majority". The GM-Free Farmers are a not-for-profit farming group with membership open to any Western Australian farmer.

Soil Association

The UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health.

GM Watch

A global directory on the massive and deceptive PR push behind genetically modified (GM) food.

GE-Free New Zealand

GE-Free New Zealand promote making the NZ environment & food FREE of Genetically Engineered [GE] organisms.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Citizens and scientists for environmental solutions

MADGE Australia Inc

MADGE (Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering) are a network of mothers and others concerned about the health and environmental effects of GM food.

True Food Network

Your guide to avoiding genetically engineered food

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