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Comments: Codex draft definition of biofortification

30 October 2017

"We have serious concerns over the biofortification enterprise as increasing a single nutrient or making it more bioavailable is unlikely to deliver 'improved human health'."

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Comments: 2016 Federal Election and related matters

23 October 2017

"Questions relating to campaigning, influence
and regulation". Well-regulated, registered, not-for-profit charities with public interest goals are not the major problem with the present system.

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Comments: Gene Technology Regulatory Scheme Review 2017

03 October 2017

"We seek to reform and improve the Scheme without sacrificing the checks and balances that all Governments originally agreed to, when the framework was negotiated and came into force in 2001."

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Comments on Treasury proposals to strengthen DGR governance arrangements

06 August 2017

Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities
Comments on Treasury proposals to strengthen DGR governance arrangements, reduce administrative complexity and ensure that an organisation’s eligibility for DGR status is up to date.

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Organic Industry : Accessing Premium Markets

24 March 2017

Indepth study urging the precautionary principle to be used to protect to our valuable markets. Includes threats from new GM technology and the need for farmers protection legislation.

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Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity : Draft Report

20 March 2017

Submission of the Invasive Species Council (ISC) to the Review of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity : Draft Report.

"The ISC campaigns for better laws and policies to protect the Australian environment from weeds, feral animals and other invasive species. ISC is pleased to see significant emphasis placed on environmental biosecurity in the draft report ".

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Gene Ethics Pre-Budget Submission

19 January 2017

Proposals to improve the allocation of government resources, including rejecting the TPP and supporting research into sustainable agriculture.

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