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Comments: Gene Technology (WA) Bill

19 December 2014

Submission commenting on the Gene Technology (Western Australia) Bill 2014. The Bill purports to bring the state’s law into lockstep with the Gene Technology Act 2000 (Commonwealth) so that state law would automatically be amended whenever the Commonwealth Act was changed.

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Reject DAFWA's application to compromise the National Organic and Biodynamic Standard

07 August 2014

This submission rejects the application to compromise the National Organic and Biodynamic Standard. It recommends that Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council (OISCC) reject the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia’s (DAFWA) application to replace zero tolerance for GM contamination with a 0.9% threshold, in the Standard for Organic and Biodynamic produce.

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Comment: Farmer Protection in South Australia

16 June 2014

Farmer Protection Laws should protect vulnerable landholders in South Australia.

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Comment : DAFF’s Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper

17 April 2014

The Department of Agiculture, Fisheries and Forestry Agricultural Competitiveness Issues has already set the directions in which they will continue to drive Australian agriculture. But Australia's agricultural,
fisheries, food and forestry industries are not competitive, profitable or sustainable. Government policies are driving our agricultural industries in the opposite direction.

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Comments : Irradiation of fruit and vegetables

17 April 2014

Comments with Food Irradiation Watch on  Application A1092:
Irradiation of apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines,
peaches, plums, honeydew, rockmelon, strawberries, table grapes,
zucchini and squash.

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