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Submission to the Food Labelling Review

26 November 2009
This review should acknowledge that the protection of public health and safety is the top priority and that better labelling would serve that objective >> download file

Submission to the WA Department of Agriculture and Food

03 August 2009
Review of the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003. Prepared by Adam Breasley and Bob Phelps >> download file

Keep promises on GM crops and foods!

31 July 2009
At the last election Kevin Rudd promised stronger laws on Genetically Manipulated (GM) foods and crops. But instead, Rudd is following Howard's lead on GM. Labor's proposed new policy platform would break his promises and dilute ALP policy too. Unacceptable!! >> download file

Voices for GM-Free Food and Farms

23 July 2009
More from people from all walks of life who are helping Gene Ethics to safeguard our children and grandchildren's food choices. >> download file

Think! Care! Act!

22 June 2009
Earthsong Journal August 2009 >> download file

Submission to the National Biodiversity Strategy Review 2010-2020

22 June 2009
Prepared by Adam Breasley and Bob Phelps >> download file

Submission to the National Human Rights Consultation

22 June 2009
Prepared by Adam Breasley and Bob Phelps >> download file

Africa: Genetic Manipulation is not the answer

17 June 2009
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) claims it will “feed the world” with a Gene Revolution - industrial monocultures of Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops, animals and microbes. >> download file

Registration form for GM-free businesses

27 May 2009
The GM-free business map is a free promotional opportunity for your business and a public service to shoppers who are seeking GM-free foods. It will show that GM-free enterprises far outnumber the few irresponsible growers who grow GM canola and cotton. >> download file

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