Comments to the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

20 May 2013

Our comments began: "We work cooperatively and positively with schools to help students understand new and emerging technology issues and the impacts of technology on individuals and society, throughout technology and product life cycles. We are particularly committed to nurturing the robust knowledge, skills and values essential to the proactive and responsible practice of ethical, just and sustainable technology design, development, production, marketing and use.

We seek a school technologies curriculum that fully equips and engages Australian students for life in our increasingly globalised, technological world, whilst also fully developing their critical faculties, sense of personal and social responsibility and commitment to core principles and values.

We also seek to promote through the curriculum a full appreciation, understanding and commitment to the key role that strong, ethical, precautionary regulation can play to ensure fairness, justice, equity and sustainability (through Life Cycle Analysis and Assessment) of the development, production and use of appropriate technologies.

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