Bayer application submission

31 October 2011

Gene Ethics submits that Bayer has neglected to comply with conditions outlined in the Act and OGTR regulations by (1) repeated criminal convictions and breaches of law in cases of public health and safety, environment and commercial grounds in the past ten years to the present; and (2) failing to disclose a substantial body of recent legal convictions and public health and environmental risks as required by a license-holder.

Read a list of their legal conviction and other arguments why the Bayer application should be rejected.

The supporting letter to the Gene Technology Regulator Joe Smith lists among other things that the GTR failed to require any systematic environmental data collection since the unconditional, unrestricted and unmonitored commercial release of Monsanto’s GM canola began in two Australian states three years ago. Monsanto’s Roundup tolerant GM canola has already led to extensive contamination of roadsides, non-GM farms and other disturbed environments in Australia. The RARMP concedes that outcrossing from GM canola to weedy and native relatives such as wild radish has been observed yet the GTR has commissioned no research that would validate or disprove the GTR’s assumptions of negligible outcrossing and impacts on natural environments. The signatories ask that the GTR, as a minimum, require such research to be conducted and evaluated before issuing any further commercial GM canola licences.

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