National Food Plan leaflet petitioning Ludwig

31 October 2011

Leaflet handed out at a rally outside the Victorian Rual Press Club this Month, where Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig was guest speaker.

Authored by Gene Ethics and MADGE, the leaflet call for the National Food Plan to be democratised and included facts such as:

• Monsanto, which owns 25% of world seed and 90% of GM seed, bought 20% of WA public wheat and barley breeder InterGrain that supplies 40% of Australia’s wheat seed. Monsanto wants to develop GM wheat.

• Cargill, the world’s largest trader of farm commodities, has bought the

Australian Wheat Board’s commodity business and is set to become

Australia’s largest wheat exporter. Argentina accuses Cargill of largescale

tax evasion and a company part-owned by Cargill has bought all the

available wheat feed in the UK.

• Australian State Governments, universities and research organizations

like CSIRO are partnered with or linked to Monsanto, Dow Agrosciences,

Bayer and many other foreign corporations who set their priorities.

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