Glyphosate-resistant weeds in Australia

23 July 2010

Glyphosate resistant weeds now in roadsides

Glyphosate is so popular you can buy it in the supermarket for your garden. Farmers use it by the drum-full to kill weeds in crops.

But weeds are developing resistance to it.

Over the past 14 years in Australia, there have been 98 confirmed cases of weed populations becoming resistant to glyphosate - most recently on the side of a road in South Australia.

At the same time, farmers are becoming more dependent on glyphosate, planting genetically modified food crops designed to tolerate regular use of it.

Glyphosate is sold in Australia under several brand names, including Round Up, No Grow, Weed Master Duo and Zero.

In this report: Chris Preston, Associate Professor in Weed Management at the University of Adelaide, and chair of the Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group.

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