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Parties disagree over regulation of new GM methods

14 May 2019

Responses to Gene Ethics’ federal election questionnaire show major policy differences between political parties on how new GM methods such as CRISPR should be regulated.

All CRISPR SDN1 techniques deregulated

22 April 2019

On the pretext of backing health research, just a day before the election was called the federal government deregulated all SDN1 GM techniques for use in humans, animals, plants and microbes. Unregulated GM organisms could already include super-muscled pigs, non-browning mushrooms, and a GM wheat variety approved in the USA.


Ministers to discuss GM animal deregulation

20 March 2019

If State and Federal Agriculture Ministers agree to Gene Technology Regulation changes, Australia would be the first country in the world to deregulate GM animals. The Federal Government backs deregulating a whole class of new GM CRISPR processes and products - Site Directed Nucleases 1 (SDN-1) - used to modify animals, plants, microbes and humans.

US jury finds Roundup caused cancer: call for Australian review

20 March 2019

A jury in San Francisco has found Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide played a big part in triggering Edwin Hardeman's non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). Gene Ethics calls on the Australian farm chemical regulator (APVMA) for a formal safety review of Roundup herbicide and glyphosate its 'active' ingredient.


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