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17 June 2013

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Our comments on National School Technologies Curriculum

20 May 2013

Technologies Curriculum and studentsNational curricula are being developed for Prep to Year 10 in all Australian schools, to start next year. Gene Ethics, Friends of the Earth and MADGE jointly commented on the draft Technologies Curriculum. We seek a school technologies curriculum that fully equips and engages Australian students for life in our increasingly globalised, technological world, whilst also fully developing their critical faculties, sense of personal and social responsibility and commitment to core principles and values. Download the comments here


Download our latest newsletter

20 May 2013

Gene Ethics May 2013 newsletter. March Against Monsanto: Saturday May 25th, Europe resists corporate control of GM and conventional seed, US FDA deciding if GM salmon are fit to eat plus much more. Download it here


March Against Monsanto: Saturday May 25th at 2pm

16 May 2013

The movement for GM-free is now grass roots and global! Millions of people everywhere will demand the right to know and to choose GM-free crops and foods, when we March Against Monsanto on Sunday May 25, in 321 cities, so far.


Australia Marches Against Monsanto

16 May 2013

We will not accept inside deals and GM and agrichemical industry control of our food supply. Please March on May 25 to show Monsanto and other GM companies that we challenge their plans.


25yrs of GM-free advocacy & GM still a dud

21 February 2013

Gene Ethics, Australia’s first GM-free public interest advocacy and education network, began in 1988 and this week celebrated 25 years of successful campaigning. Midnight Oil's album "Species Deceases" funded our first three years. 


GM industry fudges its figures again

04 February 2013

GM industry front group ISAAA has published its 2012 annual reports on commercial GM crops - with a remarkable absence of 2012 statistics. Their four reports recycle figures and empty claims from 2011. 


Regulators must assess viral gene hidden in GM crops and foods

22 January 2013

The discovery of a Trojan viral gene in many commercial GM crop plants and foods should trigger a wide-ranging review and recall by Australian GM regulatory agencies.

[Image: Cauliflower Mosaic Virus, care of Independent Science News]


Gene Ethics 25th anniversary dinner

12 December 2012

Join us to celebrate 25 years of successful GM-free advocacy

Feast of organic, GM-free, fresh & local food * Hear and share stories with GM-free pioneers * Have a great night out with friends * MC is Melbourne restaurateur Dure Dara OAM.

Price fixed at $60 for 3 organic courses plus organic wines.


Baillieu GM canola farm for sale in Melb suburb

29 October 2012

Premier Ted Baillieu's uncle, Marshall Baillieu, has his "Minta" farm near Berwick on the market for housing subdivision. Baillieu grew genetically manipulated (GM) canola there in 2009.


25-yr anniversary of GM-free advocacy: event & dinner

09 October 2012


Australia's first GM-free advocacy group, Gene Ethics, turns 25 in 2013. Join in the celebrations & online campaign, come to our dinner in Feb and spread the message about safeguarding our food. 

Join celebrated restaurateur Dure Dara OAM who will host the evening.

Get your tickets here


Your Say: GM foods must be proven safe - petition

03 October 2012

Your Say: GM foods must be proven safe. Petition Health Minister Tanya Plibersek - only takes a minute to add your email & name to the petition.


National Food Plan a disaster for local food security

27 September 2012

The draft National Food Plan fully commits the Government to further research, develop and promote Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops, without any public discussion. Click through for media release, comments on the green paper and People's Food Plan flyer.


Occupy Monsanto international day of action

26 September 2012

Occupy Monsanto is an emerging network of concerned people who over the past 8 months have staged numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade in GM. Read about recent protests in Australia and download our flyer on the international movement.


Food Plan input & meetings in September

13 September 2012

The federal government is creating a National Food Plan and wants your comments by 30 September. The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is proposing that rather than this corporate plan, we have a peoples' food plan and is organising meetings throughout the month.

Click through for more information and in-depth radio interviews on the topic.


KFC commits to non-GM Australian canola oil

24 May 2012

In another win for GM-free and the power of public action, KFC Australia has switched from palm oil to non-GM, high-oleic-acid canola, frying oil. We do not yet know if their commitment to GM-free extends to their chicken feed. Stay posted.


Fire Sale on GM Canola Seeds (and why the EU wants our GM-free variety)

22 April 2012

Farmers and shoppers reject Monsanto's GM canola so emphatically that the company now gives away GM canola seed in a desperate bid for farmers to grow it.

Our exclusive was covered in The Australian.


Forum with Nick Xenophon draws record crowd and commitments to keep the ban

29 March 2012

The public forum we facilitated as part of the GM-Free Australia Alliance was a resounding success. There was standing room only at the forum, with Senator Nick Xenophon among the panellists, and all political parties have recommitted to maintaining the GM ban until 2019.

GM-free food and wine kindly donated by local businesses.

Watch 6-minute presentations on our YouTube channel GeneEthicsOnline


Global petition launched urging caution on synthetic biology - extreme GM

14 March 2012

Gene Ethics has launched a media release as part of a global petition for proper oversight and regulation of this vanguard technology about which little is known. 


Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement GM risk

14 March 2012

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is currently being negotiated, which will serve the interests of transnational countries and pave the way for the removal of 'barriers to trade' such as GM labelling. 


GM on the back foot in 2011

17 February 2012

Industry front group ISAAA fudged the figures in its 2011 global report on GM crops. Its inflated data found GM crops were grown on just 3.3% of farm land last year. GM industry setbacks were ignored - BASF and Monsanto both dropped GM research in Europe, China rejected GM rice and India banned GM eggplant.


Health Ministers must not leave us 'Eating in the Dark'

11 December 2011

The Food Regulation Ministerial Council met recently to adopt key recommendations of the National Food Labelling review report, Labelling Logic. We rallied outside, calling for the adoption of the Review's recommendations to label all foods with no track record in the human food supply - Julia Gillard was there and saw our message.


Cropwatch update in gardening magazine

16 November 2011

We have provided an update of our GM Cropwatch arm and contamination issues in Australia, as well a good summary of the issues and looking at what people can do about GM, for Vol 2 No 5, October/November Issue of Good Gardening Magazine.


National Food Plan leaflet & rally call for new approach

31 October 2011

Gene Ethics and supporters rallied outside a Rural Press Club address by Agriculture Minister Joe Judwig, calling for a break from business as usual regarding the Natonal Food Plan and revealing business links.

Download the leaflet>>


Japanese send WA 'please explain' on GM canola

10 October 2011

The Japanese Seikatsu Club Consumers Co-operative Union and the Green Co-op Consumers Co-operative Union wrote to West Australian Premier Colin Barnett, Food and Agriculture Minister Terry Redman and Co-operative Bulk Handlers (CBH) asking for safeguards on GM-free canola supplies but received no response.
A delegation of the co-ops from October 12-18 will seek government and industry action to ensure the continued availability of non-GM canola from WA, the leading Australian canola exporting state.


We're suing our food regulator

16 September 2011

In Gene Ethics and the Safe Food Institute vs Food Standards Australia NZ (FSANZ), a writ was filed in the federal court in Melbourne today. The court issued directions today for a trial on November 14, 2011 where the applicants will claim FSANZ did not comply with the law which required it to give proper public notice of its application for a general review of irradiation food standard 1.5.3. FSANZ also now admits that it had previously made its own general revisions to Food Standard 1.5.2 on genetically manipulated foods.


Food Plan & labelling comments

05 September 2011

We have been busy this past week making submissions to the National Food Plan and also providing comments to the Blewett labelling review regarding the Hierarchy Framework Issues.


GM contamination rampant at canola spill site

15 August 2011

WA farmer Geoff Reed has seen flocks of parrots feeding on GM canola seed outside his front fence in Williams. The seed, which spilled last week, is now germinating on the roadside after rain. Also today we have had confirmation of new rogue GM canola roadside weeds in NSW.

New leaflet: GM canola is a scam


Truck fire spills GM canola at Williams, WA

11 August 2011

Several tonnes of genetically manipulated (GM) canola were spilled at Williams WA, this week. A fire split the truck trailer and GM canola seed spilled along the roadway and verges.


National Food Plan submissions extended but public input sidelined

08 August 2011

We welcome Minister Joe Ludwig's decision to listen to numerous groups who have lobbied for an extension of the deadline for submissions to the National Food Plan. However we are continuing to call for greater public input, since public hearings are limited to invitation-only roundtable meetings with just 15 invitees at each.


Steve Marsh launches test case

28 July 2011

Decertified organic grower Steve Marsh has retained  Slater & Gordon to launch the Australian test case to try to regain his livelihood after GM canola contaminated his farm.


GM wheat protests gain momentum

15 July 2011

GM wheat could be commercially grown in Australia - the first country in the world - by 2015 - don't be lulled into thinking we have 7-10 years away before any action is necessary. GM wheat has been big in the media this month.


Support our Annual Appeal

16 June 2011

We are launching our annual appeal. Read about what we have achieved, hear from some of our supporters and please help us at this important time.
Payment details here

We have no choice but to unite to resist the relentless nightmare of genetic modification, especially of food crops. GM is fast-becoming an insidious threat to health, lifestyles and our democratic rights
- Gardener & TV personality Peter Cundall


Grain traders snub GM canola

26 May 2011

Major grain traders have revealed they will not buy GM canola because of market rejection.


GM-free successes in Western Australia

26 May 2011

Gene Ethics played a key role in successful GM-free Australia Alliance meetings in Western Australia recently, to plan GM-free strategies for the coming year and to support decertified organic grower Steve Marsh.


GM crops and foods: promises, profits and politics

15 April 2011

Gene Ethics director Bob Phelps provides a comprehensive reality check against the continual promises of the biotechnology industry. This Farm Policy Journal Autumn 2011 feature covers a vast range of topics, from "feed the world" myths to revolving doors of influence and the current situation in Australia, with reference to GM contaminated farmer Steve Marsh and other issues.

Download article>>


$50 premium for non-GM canola confirmed

08 March 2011

A surge in market premiums for non-GM canola has left many wondering why West Australian Agriculture Minister Terry Redman encourages farmers to plant GM canola.


Labelling report betrays shoppers

02 February 2011

The national food labeling review report issued on Friday ignores public demand for full labelling of all foods made using Genetic Manipulation (GM) techniques.


Use research to drought-proof our farms and protect our food security - we speak at Govt inquiry

26 November 2010

Healthy economies are based on healthy rural ecologies and communities and they're not produced in corporate laboratories

In his concise oral evidence to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into rural R&D, Gene Ethics director Bob Phelps considers a range of topics, including the role of farmers as custodians of our land, the need for sustainable agriculture as limits to our growth increases the cost of oil-dependent and phosphate-limited resources, superweeds resulting from overuse of Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, the buy-up of public assets by biotechnology multinationals and the fact that most Australians are directly fed not by the production of mass-produced food commodities for export by a minority of large-scale farmers but by the 80 per cent of farmers, who produce clean, green food for consumption within Australia.

Download pdf>


SA GM canola 'trials' threatening GM-free status

09 November 2010

Bayer Cropscience has applied to 'trial' genetically manipulated herbicide tolerant canola at 21 sites of up to 6 hectares each, in Victoria and 'GM-free' South Australia, from January 2011. The South Australian government has granted the proposed 'trials' an exemption from the ban on GM canola, in force until 2014 at least.


GM soy linked to birth defects, cancer: new study

06 October 2010

Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup used on genetically manipulated Roundup Ready crops is linked to human cell death, birth defects, cancer and miscarriages, says a report released at the European Parliament by an international group of scientists. The report comes at a crucial time for Australia, where a popular infant soy formula has tested positive to unlabelled GM soy and corn, and Roundup Ready canola and cotton are grown.


Monsanto eyes Australian wheat

08 September 2010

Tell West Australian Agriculture Minister Terry Redman  that you want the leading government public plant breeding program to remain in public hands. Without discussion, Redman has allowed Monsanto to acquire a 19.9% slice of InterGrain and GM wheat will be a priority for the new public private partnership.


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